Strange But True Radio Live Broadcast 21:00 UK time Tonight 21/03/2020

Strange But True Radio with Phil Keeler.

Over the years the show has evolved with the times.  Today right now, we are in a world-wide epidemic of the #Coronavirus.  People are naturally worried and concerned, some have already lost loved ones.

This latest podcast will be about calming you down, giving you a laugh as Phil talks to his friends about how they are keeping sane while we go into isolation for what could be a considerable time.  There's be lots of chat and irreverent conversation, its like listening to a private phone call, speaking directly to you at a time when you just don't want to hear anymore bad news.

Tonight - Hour 1 - Talk - Phil talks to his friend Dave Kenny about good coronavirus tunes.  He is also joined by a travel writer of Peru Phil Hughan you can buy is books on Amazon: Buy on Amazon - A Peruvian Diary

Hour 2 - Music - Calming relaxation none-stop music to help you calm in this everchanging world.

Strange But True Radio Live - On Air from 21:00 - 23:00 UK time.  Listen on this website, Listen on the Spreaker App or website, interact with us via social media. Join the community on Facebook page @strangebuttrueradio or twitter @Strangebtr #Strangebuttrueradio

Switch off from the news, turn the lights down and the radio up, and listen to calming music and funny voices.

Keep safe, keep calm and listen to Strange But True Radio.